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The Mathematician as a Manager

10/05/2013 Sexta-feira, 10 de Maio de 2013, 16 horas, IIIUL - Sala B1-01 
João Araújo (CAUL / Universidade Aberta)
Institute for Interdisciplinary Research - University of Lisbon

“Mathematicians prove what they can; von Neumann proves what he wants”. This is a wellknown saying and in this talk I will show how the new automated reasoning tools easily multiply the number of mathematicians that "prove what they want". In seconds it is possible to prove (or disprove) hundreds of results. Therefore a new kind of mathematician is emerging: the one that has skills to grasp which results should be searched for instead of proving what he can. If we look at the mathematical results as resource, the old mathematician was an explorer of resources, while the new mathematician manages them. In this talk I am going to show several pratical examples and I hope to convince you that more than ever the Mathematician-Manager needs a very sharp knowledge of previous results and proofs, and also needs a good understand of automated reasoning tools. The future might be bright, but not painless.