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Dualizability of Automatic Algebras

Bentz, Wolfram; Davey, Brian; Pitkethly, Jane; Willard, Ross

Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 218(7) (2014), 1324–1345

We make a start on one of George McNulty's \emph{Dozen Easy Problems}: ``Which finite automatic
algebras are dualizable?''

We give some necessary and some sufficient conditions for dualizability. For example, we prove that a finite automatic algebra is dualizable if its letters act as an abelian group of permutations on its states.

To illustrate the potential difficulty of the general problem, we exhibit an infinite ascending chain $\mathbf A_1 \le \mathbf A_2 \le \mathbf A_3 \le \dotsb$ of finite automatic algebras that are alternately dualizable and non-dualizable.