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Earn Your Wings Program: Description and Efficacy of an Intensive Fear of Flying Treatment Program

Santos, E.; Palma, H.; Napoles, G.; Romero, R.; Gabriel, R.; Grilo, V.; Pascoal, C.

Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors, 1(2) (2011), 61-69

This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of an intensive fear of flying treatment program. Data on generalized, anticipatory and in-flight anxiety, somatic and cognitive complaints were collected pretreatment and posttreatment through FAM and FAS. Number of flights and no-shows 12 months before and after the program and the boarding rate on the therapeutic flight were also assessed. Results show a moderate reduction effect in generalized flight anxiety and a substantial reduction effect in all other subscales. The number of flights increased, whereas the noshows decreased, both with statistical significance. Boarding rate on the therapeutic flight was 96%. This study suggests that, when adequately helped, aerophobics can overcome their fear and that this program seems to be an effective treatment.